What is it

Win32URL is an open source URL manager for Windows XP/Vista. It's a small application minimized to system tray which will monitor clipboard for www, email or ftp links that were copied by user from any text with Ctrl+C (screenshots). Win32URL is written in Delphi 7 Personal using WinAPI.

How does it work

When Win32URL recognizes URL in clipboard, notyfication tip pops up and URL is saved in the data base, when user clicks on a notyfication tip, link is launched in default browser or client. Saved links can be validated, editet, deleted or user can create shortcut on desktop from URL.



Win32URL is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 3. That means it is free to copy, redistribute, install and use, you can find more about the licence on Free Software Foundation web page.


If you want to report any bugs or request new features, please visit Win32URL project page and post to a tracker system or public forums. Any feedback or donations are welcome.

Latest Release:

Released: 2007-09-04

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